Betty Roemer's Work
With the Bayview Church of Christ in Toronto

Betty’s autobiography was written in 1973. She continued her work in Europe for five more years. In 1978 because of deteriorating health she was compelled to return to Canada. On August 26th she arrived in Toronto. After staying with her sister in Newmarket, Ontario for a while and visiting in Western Canada, in January of 1979 she rented an appartment in Toronto near the Bayview church building. The Bayview congregation invited her to help teach children’s and ladies’ classes.

When Betty returned to Toronto, her eyes were giving her severe problems with spasms, which caused them to lock closed for extended periods of time. Over three or four years she underwent several operations on the eye-lid muscles, which enabled her to control the spasms and retain her sight. Thus she was able to continue her ministry for another twenty-five years in Toronto.

In addition to teaching Bible classes at Bayview she also studied with people in her appartment. Through the years at least eight people were baptized in Toronto as a direct result of her ministry. Many others were encouraged and taught.

Betty’s nephew, Fred Knutson, states: “It was amazing! Within five minutes (or less) of arriving at her place, you were talking about the Bible!”

When Betty was 88 she taught a special class at Bayview for the children of a German-speaking family who did not yet know English.

When Betty lost her financial backing in 1959, the West Side Church of Christ in Corsicana, Texas took over her support, which they continued all the time she was in Europe and during her work with the Bayview congregation in Toronto until 2004!

At that time Betty moved to a care home after living in her own appartment until she was 90. Since the expenses of the nursing home were covered by the government, the congregation in Corsicana was informed that their help would no longer be needed.

Betty went to be with the Lord she had served so faithfully on January 10th, 2006 at the age of 92 years. Three memorial services were held: one at the building of the Beamsville, Ontario Church of Christ on January 12th; one at the Bayview Church of Christ in Toronto; and one in Saskatchewan for her relatives there. Burial was at Wolseley, Saskatchewan in the grave of her mother.

Betty’s sister Mary was baptized at the same time she was. Her sister Joan was baptized later at Harptree, Saskatchewan. At a later time their mother was also baptized.

Joan married Magnar Knutson. The Knutsons were missionaries in Norway between 1957 and 1962. They had four children: Sonia, Fred, David and Betty (who was named for her aunt).

Most of the information regarding Betty's years in Toronto was provided by the Knutson children, with whom she was very close.