Betty Roemer

Betty was born at Wolseley, Saskatchewan, Canada on October 5, 1913. After qualifying as a school teacher, she taught at various places in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

She was baptized into Christ by J.C. Bailey near Kincaid, Saskatchewan on April 10, 1939. That summer and for several years thereafter (at least until 1944), she attended the Summer Bible School at Radville, Saskatchewan. After 1941 she served as matron and teacher.

During the summer of 1948 she participated in an evangelistic campaign at the Banning Street Church of Christ in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It was conducted by Andy Ritchie Jr. with the help of about twenty students from Harding College in Searcy, Arkansas. Among those students were Bob and Ruth Hare, with whom Betty would later work in Germany.

Betty decided to prepare for mission work and enrolled at Harding College in the fall of 1949 as a junior and studied there for two years until 1951. She had chosen Africa as her intended field, but when she heard Otis Gatewood speak at the Harding Bible lectureship of 1950 about evangelistic work being done in post-war Germany, she decided to go to Germany. She began studying German, both in school and privately.

After her savings for college were depleted, she accepted employment in Wichita and Kansas City until backing could be found for her work in Germany.

In March of 1952 the church at Waxahatchie, Texas agreed to provide her support. After visiting them, and then her mother and relatives in Saskatchewan, she visited the Bayview congregation in Toronto, who would contribute to her support in Europe, and with whom she would work for the rest of her life after returning to Canada.

After sailing from New York on May 12th, 1952 Betty arrived in Frankfurt, Germany on May 27th to begin her work teaching children’s and ladies’ classes. Her activities through the years are described in her autobiography, “Betty’s Bouts and Battles.” She first worked in Heppenheim and Heidelberg. Then in September of 1954 she and the Richard Walkers moved to West Berlin. In 1968 she moved with the Walkers from West Berlin to Klagenfurt, Austria. In 1974 she moved to Salzburg, Austria.

A separate section, "Betty at Bayview" tells about her work in Toronto after she returned to Canada in 1978.