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Boyd Wayne Jackson

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Boyd Wayne Jackson was born at Goodlettsville, Tennessee on August 29, 1937 and passed away on December 2, 2020 at Jackson, Tennessee. His parents were Harry B. Jackson and Rubye (Porch) Jackson.

Wayne worked with the church in Delta, Colorado for two years. From 1961 and for many years he preached for the East Main Street congregation in Stockton, California.

Wayne earned an A.A. degree from Stockton College, a B.A. from Sacramento Baptist College and an M.A. from Alabama Christian School of religion.

For many years, Wayne wrote for and edited the Christian Courier since its inception in 1965. He has written more than thirty books on a variety of biblical topics including: The Bible and Science; Creation, Evolution, and the Age of the Earth; and The Bible on Trial. He has written commentaries covering all books of the Bible, including a one-volume commentary on the New Testament.