Biographical Information

Lillian Marian Torkelson

Lillian Marian Torkelson was the daughter of Emil and Hulda Torkelson. She was born October 24, 1910, at Anamoose, North Dakota. Her parents moved to Canada less than six months later.

Lillian Torkelson was in the teaching field in Saskatchewan, Canada for 52 years altogether. Before her full-time involvement in Christian education, she taught at three country schools (Glen Curren, Model, and Lein) and four small high schools (Bird's Hill, Robsart, Lyndale, and Wawota).

She was among the founders of Radville Christian College (later called Western Christian College).

When its high school department opened in 1946, she was the first principal. When the school changed its name and moved to North Weyburn, Saskatchewan in 1957, she moved with the school and continued teaching full-time until 1974. She served as a part-time teacher for eight additional years.

She wrote several historical works in addition to the history of Western Christian College, included in the Old Paths Archive.

See the biography of her life written by Marge Roberts, A Prairie Dreamer.

Lillian Torkelson passed away at the age of 93 in Weyburn, Saskatchewan on August 6th, 2004.