Scholar’s Corner

The Old Paths Archive, like most archives, has some material that is “still in boxes.” We also have material that is not of presentation quality but might be of interest to researchers. This section of the Archive contains such material. Feel free to download it or consult it in place.

A brief description of each collection is given with a link to its folder. In some cases there are also sub-folders.

Gospel Herald Archive
This collection contans many back issues of the Gospel Herald magazine published in Canada. Brother Max Craddock sent me these files shortly before his death. There is a copyright notice on some of the earlier files that were taken from microfilm. An extensive search seems to indicate that this company no longer exists.

Modern Challenges to Christian Morals by Carl Spain

This is a copy of the lecture dealing with racial prejudice among Christians that Carl Spain gave at the Abilene Christian College Bible lectureship in 1960.